Why a Paulownia White Wood Bowl is a Must-Have Home Accessory

This hand-carved, Medium Paulownia White Wood Bowl is hand-finished with a raw, white wash finish. A wonderful decorative accent, it can also double as a kitchen tray. It is also dishwasher safe. To clean, simply scrub with a soft cloth and allow to air dry. It is great for both serving and displaying food. Suitable for serving and displaying food, this bowl is the perfect addition to your dining room or kitchen.

Paulownia wood bowl

A Paulownia wood bowl is a classic home decor piece. Made from a light, fine-grained wood, this natural bowl is durable and resistant to warping. A white bowl would complement your living room’s decor perfectly. In addition to serving delicious food, a Paulownia bowl makes for an attractive centerpiece. Here are some reasons why this wooden bowl is the perfect home accessory. Read on to learn more.

An oval Paulownia wood bowl is the ideal vessel for storing keys, serving trays, or displaying decorative objects. It is also a lovely vessel for everyday napkins. You’ll find plenty of uses for this versatile bowl. For instance, you can display it on your kitchen counter. It also looks gorgeous with your favorite centerpieces. Its beautiful design makes it a perfect choice for any home. You can find it in many shapes and sizes.

Mango wood bowl

A modern design combines sleekĀ white wood bowl lines and an organic feel in this large, white mango wood bowl. Mango wood, which is an extremely durable wood, is naturally infused with subtle highlights and striations. This bowl is handcrafted in Thailand and is compatible with other Mango Wood products. You can choose from three sizes – large, medium, and small. If you’d like a more delicate and subtle design, select a smaller bowl.

Mango wood bowls are made of sustainable mango trees and are hand-carved in Thailand. Mango trees live for a long time and are replaced with younger, more sustainable trees. The bowls are easy to clean and can be polished with a soft cloth and natural nut oil. These bowls are recyclable as well. Just keep them out of direct sunlight. The packaging is eco-friendly, too. You can wash them with mild soap or a soft cloth to prevent stains.

White Washed Mango Wood Pedestal Bowl

A whitewashed mango wood pedestal bowl is a decorative accent for your home. These bowls are perfect for presenting fruit, salads, or breads. They have a whitewash finish that highlights the wood grain. You can fill them with filler, decorative spheres, or even faux flowers. You can also use them to display farmhouse accents, such as a crock or terrarium.

The White Washed Mango Wood Pedestal bowl adds rustic charm to your decor. Fill it with orbs, floral fillers, or potpourri, or other items that add texture to your space. It measures 10″H x 12″ diameter. Clean the bowl with a feather duster or soft cloth to maintain its beautiful appearance. If dust and grime do get on it, wipe it with a clean cloth.

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