The Benefits of Email Verification

Email verification helps ensure that emails are delivered to the intended audience. It also helps to lower the number of emails that are categorized as Spam. Using an email verifier will help your campaign reach more people, decrease bounce rates, and increase engagement.

Before you send a marketing or sales email, you should verify the email addresses on your list. This helps prevent spam traps, invalid or misconfigured email addresses, and the possibility of getting your emails blocked by ISPs.

Email verification can provide real-time results for new addresses. It also enables you to verify the sender’s authenticity and reliability. Some email platforms may suspend accounts when they exceed thresholds or send emails to unauthorized recipients. The result of email verification is typically a green status, which means that the email is valid and safe to send. However, sometimes the results can be inconclusive.

For more reliable verification, it is recommended to use a quality service. These services use an automated system to process large databases. They check for spam traps, invalid or misconfigured addresses, and hard bounces. In addition to the benefits of a verification tool, these services offer multiple integration options, varying speeds, and high levels of accuracy.

Email verification can reduce your company’s risk of being blacklisted by the ESPs. Keeping an email list clean is essential to the success of any email campaign. High-volume email senders face unique challenges, and they must have a variety of methods to keep their list in good condition.

Whether you’re a novice or an experienced marketer, an email verification tool can help you ensure that you’re mailing to the right customers. Emails sent to unverified addresses are more likely to be blocked, and their content could even be classified as spam. By keeping your email database clean and well-maintained, you’ll be able to avoid these problems.

An email verification service can reduce the cost of sending out mail campaigns by identifying invalid addresses on your list. These emails can be pruned out, preventing them from being used as spam. Similarly, you can also improve your sender reputation by removing undeliverable addresses from your mailing list. You can download theĀ email verification results of your verification process and analyze them for patterns of ineffective addresses.

Depending on the provider, you’ll receive a report with a status code, color, or sub-status. If the status is red, the address is likely to be invalid. Likewise, if the status is blue, the email is most likely to be a deliverable one. Unlike spam traps, your verified email will be valid and reach consumers who are likely to push your business.

While you can manually filter out invalid or misconfigured addresses, it’s not always practical. A quality email verification service will give you the option to download the data into a CSV file and import it into your email platform. That way, you’ll have a centralized location where you can access your list at all times.

If you need to verify hundreds or thousands of addresses, consider an enterprise-level email verifier. These providers scan your mailing list for invalid or misconfigured addresses, and clean your database more frequently. Enterprise-level providers also have more features, such as real-time verification, which helps to ensure that you’re sending out emails to the correct address.

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