Real Estate Development Courses

The process of real estate development is a series of important stages that should be followed carefully. If you skip one or more of these stages, you are likely to make mistakes and lose money. Alternatively, if you follow a logical order, you are likely to make better decisions and avoid losing money.

Basic knowledge module for Land & Real Property Valuation

The Basic knowledge module for Land & Real Property Value in Real Estate Development provides an overview of the fundamentals of land and real property valuation. Suitable for engineers, architects, and other professionals who deal with the construction industry, this module offers insights into land planning, analysis, and projections. It also provides an overview of legal issues and standards related to building and real estate development.

The course also teaches fundamental principles of real estate finance. Learners will learn about terms and concepts related to internal rate of return, risk/return tradeoff, and financial leverage. They will also gain insight into real estate appraisal. In addition, the module covers real estate policies and opportunities in Ethiopia.


Before starting your career in real estate development, it is crucial to understand the laws, processes, and opportunities of the field. This course will provide you with a thorough overview of the field and will focus on New York City as a case study. In addition, the course will also cover the importance of leasing and client relations.

Real estate development is a multidisciplinary field that requires a mix of analytical and technical skills. It encompasses many different aspects, including market analysis, feasibility analysis, and risk management. Upon completion of the program, you will be eligible for the Professional Certificate in Real Estate Development (PREC) program.

There are many different fields within real estate, and it is important to understand the interrelationships between them. Real estate is a field that changes rapidly, so it is essential for professionals to keep up with the latest developments. Those specializing in real estate development should consider attending professional real estate events and networking groups.

Course content

A real estate development course teaches students about the process of planning, financing, and managing real estate development projects. It also includes an overview of real estate market studies and marketing strategies. Students will also learn about environmental issues, sustainability certifications, and other planning and development issues. ThisĀ Bill Bhangal course will help students prepare for their future careers as real estate professionals.

This course also teaches students about commercial leases and the legal issues related to these contracts. They will also learn about the current real estate market activity, as it is a determining factor when developing commercial property. The course will also improve students’ negotiation and leadership skills, which are essential when planning for a successful property development project. Moreover, students will learn how to conduct market research and analyze data to make informed decisions.

Students learn the skills necessary to manage and develop shopping centers. They also learn about the five phases of real estate development. The course culminates with a capstone project, where students apply their classroom knowledge to real-world conditions. They must create a development proposal or feasibility study for a given property. The feasibility study should include aspects related to market analysis, entitlement process, design, and construction.

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