How to Use Moving Company Reviews to Your Advantage

Moving company reviews are a great way to find out more about a company before you hire them. The factors you should consider are Customer service, Pricing, License and Insurance. In addition to the above-mentioned criteria, you should also check out the online reviews by customers, which can be found on websites such as Yelp and BBB. If you want to be sure you are hiring a reputable company, you can read through the moving company’s online reviews to see what others have to say about the service they’ve received from a moving company.

Customer service

The first step in ensuring positive moving company reviews is to pay attention to the situation a customer describes. Describe the size of the household, the location, and time of year. These details will help potential clients understand the services provided. Then, pay attention to specific situations in which the moving company performed well and communicated with customers in a timely manner. If you find any issues, make sure to resolve them quickly and professionally.


When comparing moving companies, keep in mind that each moving company in London, Ontario company is unique and that they have different pricing policies. These policies will vary depending on many factors, including distance traveled, weight, and dimensions. Additionally, you’ll have to consider your schedule. Some companies charge by the day while others charge by the hour. Be aware of this when selecting a moving company, and be prepared to pay more if you move at an early hour. There are some factors that may not have anything to do with the actual cost of moving.


First, make sure the moving company you hire is licensed. There are two types of licenses, one for household goods and the other for moving regulated commodities and passengers. You can easily find the license number for the moving company you choose on the company’s website or by contacting them directly. If the license is valid, you can proceed with the booking process. You should also check whether the company is insured and carries the appropriate insurance.


Before you hire a moving company, you should always look at their insurance policies. This will help ensure that you’re protected if anything goes wrong. Moving insurance policies may sound expensive, but they actually protect your goods better than the alternatives. There are many different options for moving insurance, so you’ll need to research the pros and cons of each one before choosing the right one. In this article, we’ll take a look at some of the more popular options.

Cancellation policy

It’s vital to read through the cancellation policy of moving companies reviews before booking one. A long-distance move can be costly, and the right cancellation policy can save you from frustration and miscommunication. For example, some companies have a 48-hour cancellation policy, but if you cancel it less than 48 hours before your move, you’ll be out $200. Other companies have no cancellation policy, but they have a 24-hour live chat option.

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