How to Use an Email Validation API

An email validation API is a tool for checking the validity of an email address. It can help you improve your email deliverability and avoid bouncing emails. You can also boost your sending reputation by making sure that your emails are delivered to the right people. In addition to verifying that an email is legitimate, an email verification API can help you sort through your list to make sure that only valid addresses are being included in your list.

A comprehensive email validation API will check the addresses in your list quickly. ThisĀ email validation API helps you keep your list up-to-date and prevent spam folders from being created. The process also allows you to clean your list of bad or duplicate addresses. Email Verifier can be integrated with your favorite platforms and email applications. If you need a more extensive service, you can subscribe to a paid tier if you find that it’s useful.

Email validation is an important step in any email marketing campaign. It not only protects your sending reputation, it keeps your emails up-to-date so that your list is always fresh. However, it can be difficult to get an accurate assessment of the validity of an email address. To do this, you need to use an API that will perform three validation checks on an email address.

Some email validation APIs are designed to provide a full check of an email address and check if it conforms to IETF standards. Others are data-driven and rely on a comprehensive set of data to perform a check. These data-driven methods include a variety of features, such as a hard bounce rate, a delivery likelihood, and a typo detection. Other methods may also include checking for free email addresses, syntax errors, and engagement with a particular email address.

For instance, NeverBounce provides a visually impressive dashboard that lets you monitor your API usage. It also excels when it comes to machine learning-based email verification. Another benefit is that it is compatible with a number of programming languages. Users can also create their own custom integrations for the application. While this might seem complex, it’s easy to do.

WhoisXML is an enterprise security company that provides a comprehensive email verification API. You can try their service for a free trial. They offer a comprehensive list of features and support over 2000 service providers, including MX records. They also provide 1,000 free API requests per month.

Reacher is an open source email validation API that is written in Rust. They offer both a SaaS subscription offering and a JavaScript SDK for bulk validation. Their API takes only 1.9 seconds to run a real-time check on an email. Moreover, their API offers an impressive list of data points, which can be used to identify abusive or malicious email addresses.

Mailgun is another email validation API that helps you clean your list of bad or duplicate addresses. They offer a 3-step check to validate email addresses, which helps you improve your sender score. Along with this, their API also integrates with ESPs.

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