Government Overnment Call Centre Services

The use of government call centres is a boon to people in remote areas with poor internet services. It helps them to overcome the problems associated with the digital divide. The questions that people ask are extremely valuable because they help policy makers to understand the needs of citizens. This, in turn, allows them to take responsive actions to address the concerns of the citizens. But how do these call centres function? How do they differentiate themselves from other similar businesses?


SNSW overnment call centre services are conducted on behalf of user agencies. In addition to taking payments, the agency accepts information and documentation from the public. Initially, the program was to launch 18 service centres between January and June 2013 but, in reality, these opened between July and June 2014. This delay delayed the start of the service and, as a result, the revenue and transaction volumes target. To address this, an additional $5.0 million was allocated to the project.

Dasan 120

Dasan 120 is an overnment call centre that offers 24/7 telephone counseling and consultation services. This new technology helps government agencies and citizens alike, and can reduce the time citizens spend waiting on hold for services. It also enables the call center to conduct counseling sessions in various ways, including social media, text chat, and video chat. The call center has also been praised for improving citizen satisfaction. It employs more than 500 customer service representatives, with average customer satisfaction scores 32 percent higher than the national average.

Invensis Technologies

Invensis Technologies is an IT-BPO firm that empowers its clients to drive business transformation and growth through process and operational efficiencies. Incorporated in 2000, Invensis is headquartered in Wilmington, DE, USA, with delivery centers in Bangalore, Hyderabad, and Rajahmundry, India. With its extensive global footprint, Invensis offers a wide range of services that help clients reach their business goals faster.

Peckham Industries

The State Department has awarded a contract to Peckham Industries of Lansing, Mich., to provide call centre services. The State Department’s AbilityOne program places government work with businesses that hire disabled workers. At the call centre, a customer service representative will answer questions and assist customers with their travel arrangements. Peckham is an EEO/AA employer. Therefore, it does not unlawfully discriminate based on protected characteristics.


The benefits of outsourcing CustomerServ overnment call centre services to government agencies include a proven roadmap for service delivery. CustomerServ government call centre outsourcing providers understand how to hire the right people for the right job, and they have proven expertise in conducting effective customer-centric training programs. They have knowledge of compliance standards and protocols, including the development of performance-based models and multichannel options. Their expertise extends to the use of customer feedback systems.

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