Bali is one of the most popular destinations for meditation retreats

Bali is one of the most popular destinations for meditation retreats. You can choose from a variety of retreat centers, including the Samyama Mindfulness Meditation Center and the Anand Ashram Ubud. Or, you can choose one of the many smaller meditation retreats, like those at Prana Dewi.

Anand Ashram Ubud

The Anand Ashram Ubud in Ubud, Bali is a unique meditation retreat for those seeking to deepen their spiritual connection. This retreat offers traditional monastic lifestyle in a beautiful location and includes a chapel dedicated to the Mother Goddess. In addition to daily morning and evening meditation, the ashram also offers yoga classes and lifestyle workshops. Its stunning surroundings offer breathtaking views of the lush forests surrounding Ubud.

There are several rooms available to guests at Anand Ashram Ubud, including private and furnished rooms. In addition to the private rooms, this retreat offers a unique option called a Dark Room Retreat. ThisĀ Bali spiritual retreats ancient practice is especially helpful during challenging times, when one needs a restorative break. Guests may practice yoga, chant or meditate in total darkness.

Samyama Mindfulness Meditation Center

The Samyama Mindfulness Meditation Center offers meditation retreat programs for people who want to deepen their practice and personal development. The retreats are held in an idyllic and supportive environment and provide the tools to develop your awareness, kindness, and spirituality. These programs can be life-changing.

The center has a wide range of offerings, ranging from online meditation courses to meditation retreats. It is set in a lush landscape and has a serene atmosphere. You will have the opportunity to immerse yourself in the meditation environment while enjoying the natural beauty of Bali. The retreats at Samyama focus on your physical and mental well-being and include yoga and meditation. There are also other activities like dance and music therapy. You can even take a detox at the spa or indulge in a massage.


The personalised healing journeys and signature detox retreats at Fivelements Bali are inspired by the traditional Balinese culture, combining meditation with connection with the environment and with other people. Taking a holistic, integrative approach, the retreats allow the natural healing process to unfold naturally. The retreats feature personalized healing and nutrition programs and yoga classes, as well as modern beauty and bodywork rituals.

The accommodation at Fivelements Retreat is luxurious and eco-friendly. All facilities and rooms are built sustainably. The retreat focuses on plant-based cuisine and healing meditation. The serene, beautiful location offers peaceful days along the Ayung River. The retreat’s award-winning ‘living foods’ menu features raw vegan delicacies and vitamin-rich meals.

Prana Dewi

Prana Dewi is a retreat center located on the mountain of Mt. Batukaru, adjacent to cool highland forests and rice terraces. It offers a serene environment and is organized to accommodate individual needs. The retreat center’s restaurant serves organic food, and the grounds include a natural swimming pool and local trekking trails.

The Bali retreat is run by locals and is far away from the busy tourist areas. This makes it a secluded place to recharge and renew the body, mind, and soul. There is a strong focus on self-care during these retreats.

Dark Room Retreat

A Dark Room Retreat in Bali is the perfect way to quiet your mind and experience incredible rest. This ancient healing practice helps people focus their thoughts and improves their clarity and discernment. Participants are encouraged to stay at least three days to fully reap the benefits of the dark retreat. The retreat includes three light vegan meals a day and a nightly fee that includes tea and drinking water.

During your stay at the Dark Room Retreat in Bali, you’ll practice meditation and solitary retreat techniques in an atmosphere of silence and darkness. The program includes yoga, pranayama, meditation, and Ayurvedic teachings. You’ll also get plenty of water and massage treatments to help you reconnect with your Essence. No matter what your level of experience, you’ll benefit from the retreat’s unique atmosphere, inspiring programs, and delicious organic food.

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